LemFi (YC S21) is building the neo-bank for the African diaspora in North America & Europe & the UK. We provide our users with a multi-currency account that allows them to hold, send, and receive money from Africa in any currency for their business and personal banking needs.

Who you are:

You are a motivated and energetic person who would thrive in a fintech startup environment like ours. The teams here at LemFi are passionate about their work and fields of expertise but also lend hands-on cross-functional responsibilities to ensure the success of the company and the satisfaction of our clientele.

Job Summary:

The role of the Ugandan Community Lead, UK, is a hybrid position within LemFi’s Marketing team. In this role, you should have a demonstrated knowledge of event marketing and people management, at minimum, one year in a marketing or similar position.

As LemFi’s Ugandan Community Lead in the UK, you will work closely with the Growth Manager and other team members to drive growth and connect with the Ugandan community across the UK. The role will involve working with events, email, influencers and social and assisting with the offline marketing strategy.

The ideal candidate will have a passion for marketing and a commitment to helping us grow our marketing reach and customer base.

Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Manage meaningful relationships with community leaders; you will also be recruiting and leading a team of community and student ambassadors to promote LemFi
  • Secure, attend and ensure conversions at Ugandan-focused events to foster relationships with event organisers across the UK.
  • Manage and coordinate a small team of event marketing representatives ;
  • Oversee the development of an inventory of promotional materials for events and other partnerships ;
  • Plan and organise Ugandan-focused events to drive conversions;
  • Source for, onboard and manage UK-based Ugandan Influencers
  • Conduct market research to identify current and potential customer needs and trends;
  • Support and collaborate with various teams within the company to plan and execute marketing campaigns;
  • Engage in cross-functional responsibilities and assist the Growth Manager where needed.


  • A degree in marketing is preferred but not required;
  • 1-3 years’ experience in a marketing role; events marketing experience is a plus
  • Comprehensive knowledge of event partnerships.
  • Excellent writing and people management skills;
  • Ability to work in a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment.
  • We encourage Ugandans with a strong network in the UK-Ugandan community to apply for this role.