Lemonade Finance

Who you are

You are a candidate who would thrive in a fintech startup environment like ours, where we readily accept individuals with a humble, yet uplifting attitude alongside a diligent sense of work ethic. The teams here at Lemonade Finance are passionate about their work and fields of expertise, but also lend hands on cross-functional responsibilities to ensure the success of the company and the satisfaction of our clientele.

Job description

The role of the Compliance Officer, Nigeria, is a fully remote position within Lemonade Finance’s Compliance team. In this role, you should have a demonstrated knowledge of standard global AML/CFT compliance program requirements and best practices with, at minimum, 5 years in a senior or management compliance role. As Lemonade Finance’s senior Compliance Officer in Nigeria, this role will be responsible for the company’s compliance with all requirements under the laws of Nigeria, as well as compliance with any applicable laws and regulations across additional African countries.

The ideal candidate should have experience with regulatory registration and licensing requirements, including drafting and procuring the necessary compliance documentation to help Lemonade Finance in its expansion efforts throughout Nigeria and the African continent.

Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Ensure Lemonade Finance’s products and services fit the regulatory landscape;
  • Spearhead the effort in obtaining the necessary regulatory registrations or licenses, including conducting research for strategic compliance purposes;
  • Serve as the company’s leading AML regulatory expert in Nigeria and across Africa;
  • Oversee the implementation of new regulatory requirements as they arise;
  • Serve as the liaison to national regulators or authorities;
  • Maintain the relationships with Nigerian/African banking or payments partners and ensure cooperation with any partner obligations including, but not limited to, periodic filings and reports as required by a partner;
  • Develop and maintain the regional AML compliance program, and ensure its alignment with Lemonade Finance’s global AML policy and existing enterprise operations;
  • Develop and maintain the regional AML risk assessment to identify key risk indicators, and assist Lemonade Finance in preparing for and mitigating these risks;
  • Contribute to MIS reports for the Senior Executive team, regular updates to the Board of Directors, and any other crucial ad-hoc updates or guidance to these parties;
  • Maintain responsibility for the submission, or in some instances the oversight of any relevant regulatory reports/ad hoc filings, transaction reporting, STRs/SARs filings, and any other reports or filings submitted by Lemonade Finance to any relevant local regulatory authority;
  • Manage regulatory or independent AML audits;
  • Ensure compliance policies, procedures, trainings, and other relevant documentation align with regional AML requirements;
  • Engage in cross-functional responsibilities and assist the Chief Compliance Officer where needed.

    • Advanced education degree is preferred but not required;
    • 5-8 years’ experience in a senior or management compliance role at a fintech or financial institution;
    • Familiarity and direct experience with regulatory communications and licensing/registration efforts with a local national regulatory authority;
    • Comprehensive knowledge of African regulatory environments, developments, and licensing requirements;
    • Excellent analytical, research, verbal and written communication skills;
    • Adaptability to global operational needs and ability to work in a rapidly changing business and regulatory environment.

About our company

Lemonade Finance (YC S21) is building the neobank for African diaspora in North America & Europe. We provide our users with a multi-currency account that allows them to hold, send, and receive money from Africa in any currency for their business and personal banking needs.

There are over 10 million Africans living in North America & Europe who go through hoops and have to pay exorbitant fees to send money to their loved ones. We are constantly fighting for everyday Africans to be able to move their money freely around the world at no cost and with the best exchange rate they can find out there.

Lemonade Finance launched the first version of the app at the beginning of October 2020 with just the ability to send money. Now, we enable our users to send and receive as well as pay bills for services across the ocean for loved ones. We have also grown to a team of more than 40 people working remotely and living in different continents around the world.