LemFi (YC S21) is building the neo-bank for the African diaspora in North America & Europe & the UK. We provide our users with a multi-currency account that allows them to hold, send, and receive money from Africa in any currency for their business and personal banking needs.

Who you are:

You are a motivated and energetic person who would thrive in a fintech startup environment like ours. The teams here at LemFi are passionate about their work and fields of expertise but also lend hands-on cross-functional responsibilities to ensure the success of the company and the satisfaction of our clientele.

Job Summary:

The ideal candidate will be someone who has helped launch a new product to a new market, someone with events marketing experience and partnership development.


  • Introduce LemFi to key stakeholders and community leaders in the city, e.g. MCs, DJs, Caterers, and Event Organisers.
  • Source for marketing materials like flyers, roll-up banners, shirts, etc
  • Set up marketing activations at community events, relevant stores and restaurants in the city
  • Carry out partnerships and activations in African majority churches in the city
  • Regularly source temporary workers for each activation.
  • Source for and onboard African influencers
  • Be the face of LemFi in the city
  • Get LemFi into community-focused WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups, etc


  • Candidates must be based in Colombus, Ohio.
  • Having a strong network in the African Dallas diaspora is mandatory for this role.
  • Experience organising marketing events is desirable.

Goal: The goal for this role is to grow our reach in the USA, particularly Africans. To drive activations and other engagements that would lead to an increase in new users signed up and transacting in the USA.